by Andy Dobb

Workshy is a play for young people about six characters exploring their relationship to work, education, society and the influences/barriers to all of these.

Six friends wake to the first day of the rest of their lives after their A Levels. Harry is not too worried as his parents are well enough off for him to bounce around before joining the family business. Ben has got a job working with his dad on the dustbin lorries and is putting money over studies. Hannah works too much. Ruth and Mandy have big ideas about uni, but Mandy has just discovered that she and Joe might be about to become parents. Joe has no plans, no motivation for work, nothing to look forward to at all.  Could a baby really be the answer to his prayers?

Education @ The Palace joined forces with Vision West Nottinghamshire performing arts department and Create Theatre to present this new play, which comes from Write Track, the new writing programme at the Mansfield Palace Theatre.