Upon the Stair


By Adam Z. Robinson
Three lost souls, bound to a cursed book.

As darkness falls, The Storyteller, The Shade and The Musician awaken. Burdened with telling the tales of The Book of Darkness & Light, together they bring three ghostly stories to life.

Every page conjures a new horror. What is the strange shape lurking in the reeds? Why is that gruesome figure hiding in your mirror? Whose are the ghoulish steps upon the stair? A trio of macabre tales to unsettle and delight which will linger long after the lights go out.

Using a combination of storytelling, live music and integrated BSL (British Sign Language) and VV (Visual Vernacular), Upon The Stair is a thrilling gothic show like you’ve never witnessed before.

Part of the series, The Book of Darkness and Light.