SARAH Quand Même


by Susie Lindeman

Sarah Bernhardt’s life inspires a thousand stories in her ascent to greatness - her daring as Hamlet or the world’s first film star, her exotic menageries or the amputation of a leg – yet SARAH Quand Même is Sarah’s untold story from the inside.

“There are three acts inside a woman: feeling, fight, flight!”

From her first to final performance, her legendary London tours and world-wide successes and scandals, Sarah is revealed as the world’s first (in)famously independent woman - and its most misunderstood. Faced with being cancelled, and vilified for her difference, Sarah lived by her vow:

“Quand Même!” (“No matter what! Despite all!”)

SARAH Quand Meme was first performed in the UK at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London in February 2024.