Book, Music & Lyrics by Jez Bond & Mark Cameron
Directed by Jez Bond

The King and Queen of Püss Püss are looking forward to the birth of their first

child when… disaster: the Queen contracts a life threatening fever and only a powerful herb, known as Rapunzel, can save the mother and child.

The noble Baron Teth offers to locate the herb. However the witch who grows it has her price, and in exchange she demands the baby. The desperate King and Queen agree and the Queen recovers, giving birth to a healthy baby girl. But, as she is so quickly taken away, darkness falls across the land.

Eighteen years later the royals have given up any hope of finding their heir and Baron Teth, now their greatest confidant, is about to be ordained King. Then as the neighbouring Prince Corbyn rides through the forest, he hears singing from an isolated tower. Perhaps all is not what it seems…

Where is the baby girl? What happened to the witch? And how noble exactly is Baron Teth? Find out, as Park Theatre bring you the third and wackiest instalment in the Chronicles of Waa!

“An enjoyable piece of surreal theatrical lunacy.”
★ ★ ★ ★ WhatsOnStage (Sleeping Beauty)