Oliver Reed: Wild Thing


‘“I’m Oliver Reed from Wimbledon!” I’d say
to anyone I met. I out-drank, out-spoke and
out-punched everyone.’

Join hell-raiser Oliver Reed as he shares his life story... From a difficult childhood and riotous youth through the success of Oliver! boozy adventures with Keith Moon and disastrous chat show appearances — this was a life well lived.
But though Ollie may appear an unstoppable force of nature, this is Malta 1999 and time is running out for the ‘Wild Thing’.

‘Mike Davis and Rob Crouch's exhilarating monologue races through the chief highlights of Oliver Reed's career. Reed had a marvellous knack as a phrase-maker and the script honours this talent to the full.’ THE SPECTATOR

‘Everything a biopic should be.’ EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

‘It's all great fun — as, one imagines, Reed was himself (when not recovering from what must have been appalling hangovers). But there's also a poignant seam of self-awareness running throughout.’ THE DAILY TELEGRAPH