Making Dickie Happy


by Jeremy Kingston
“On the rare occasions when love deigns to come our way, it is the frenzy to have some one person in particular walk beside us: eat, drink, talk, listen, laugh, sleep, fart alongside. That is not what marriage is about, after the first few months of careful rapture. From rapture to rupture unless, dear Dickie, gazing upon your perfect lawn, you recognise that other grass is just as green and fragrant.”

Making Dickie Happy looks at the brittle, brilliant world of England’s literary and social elite in the 1920’s. Featuring the young Noel Coward and Lord Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten alongside celebrated writer Agatha Christie, this delightful comedy examines relationships, marriages, engagements and promises of some of the greatest writers and socialites of the time.

Jeremy Kingston is a playwright and theatre critic for The Times.

After initial critical acclaim, Making Dickie Happy was revived at the Tristan Bates Theatre in March 2013.

“A witty collision of characters in a sugar-spun comedy” Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

“Kingston's imagination has run wild and witty in his brooding comedy of love and misunderstanding” Nicholas de Jongh, The Evening Standard