by James Lewis

Off West End Awards nominee 2021

“The Monster Always Wins, Right? ”

Cal & Alf. Callum & Alison. They were supposed to be part of each other’s lives forever, if only the universe had let things happen the way they should. But whoever they were before, they’re different people now, and the problem with living in this place is that it always pulls you back again, no matter how hard you try to get away.
When the universe that sent them spinning into free-fall throws them together again when the girl who ran away comes home to find out what happened to the boy who didn’t want to leave.

And the question that the universe needs to answer most of all now is - Whatever happens to the people we leave behind?

“A beautiful and personal drama, Lately’s themes of wanting to escape both physically and mentally from your life are relatable on so many levels” - Everything Theatre

“It’s a tough show full of tough themes, but it has a heart as big as the moon over Thailand” - View from the Cheap Seat

Proforça Theatre Company in Association with The Lion & Unicorn Theatre presents Lately by James Lewis. An intimate, emotional story about the places we can never escape from, the dreams we never realise and the people that bring us back down to earth again.

Nominated for “Best New Play” (Offie Awards 2021)