Just One Day


A play about Sexual Violence and the F Word by Catherine Kay
When Girl 29 is drug raped the friendship between Shona, Sheldon and Janet is stretched. When Janet’s fiancé Gary is accused of the rape, the women are forced to take sides and reassess their friendship and personal values. What will be their priority? Protecting an ‘alleged’ rape victim? Or protecting an ‘accused’ rapist?
JUST ONE DAY is a beautifully told account of female solidarity and ultimately a story about recovery and hope. The play was inspired by the writing of Jewish Militant Feminist Andrea Dworkin, who had one wish that there could be JUST ONE DAY each year when women and children would be free from sexual violence being perpetrated against them. The script was written and researched with the assistance and support of MANCHESTER RAPE CRISIS, the (Pankhurst Centre Manchester). And STAR Surviving Trauma after Rape (based in Wakefield).