I Heart Michael Ball and other Monologues


By Alexander Millington

‘I'm not a creep or a freak or anything like that...’

It’s the 10th bi-annual meeting of the Michael Ball Appreciation Society and Alex, their founder, has a special surprise to mark the occasion.

Alex has been obsessed with Michael Ball since he was a young boy, when he first heard The Very Best of Michael Ball in his brother’s car. Just as the conductor directs his musicians, Alex orchestrates a fiendish plan to finally meet the blue-eyed boy from Bromsgrove.

I Heart Michael Ball is a one-hour one-man show exploring themes of grief and obsession through audience interaction.

“Everyone needs to see Alex Millington in I Heart Michael Ball!” - Michael Ball

From production of Three Way by Alexander Millington

“Millington writes distinct but complementary pieces that intertwine to paint a refreshing point of view.” – Broadway World

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