Gari Jones: Three Plays


by Gari Jones


Wretch: i) a despicable person
ii) a person pitied for his misfortune.
A powerful attempt by one man to purge himself of his past and destroy his future, in order to fully live in the present.
"Words filled with graphic imagery and a confrontational poetry that has its own dark beauty. Mesmerising. Haunts you long after it has ended" The Scotsman
"By far the best one man show I've seen. Unique, challenging and a genuine delight" The Good Review

Somewhere Else
He and She. The man and the woman. Time and habit have pressed them into isolation. Together. Alone. This is a last chance at the dream. Let the games begin. 'I dare you.' Go Somewhere Else.
"My understanding was far more extreme that the revelations of the spoken word"

He. The Man. Time has pressed him inside the confines of his own mind. This is a last chance. Save Or Sabotage. But he needs to come to terms with the life around him. Where there's a party going on. In a Toilet.
"Neighbours speculate as to their neighbours comings and goings. The curtains remain closed so there's little to see. Isn't that always the way?"