Written By Cameron Raasdal-Munro

Junior is a queer sex worker from Hastings living with the trauma of his tumultuous childhood. His life is plunged into further turmoil during a booking with a new client when his father, Senior, returns home.

Why has his father returned? What does he want from his son? Why now?
Gangsta Baby is a play that explores themes that represent often forgotten communities; the realities of growing up working class, the actuality of having incarcerated family members, the cruelness of internalised homophobia, transphobia, classism and the truth of addiction.

Co-produced by Diaries of Reality, Team Angelica & TECTUM Theatre, and Emmy-winning Producer G. Riley Mills. Gangsta Baby is the debut work by Hastings-born Cameron Raasdal-Munro and is directed by the tour-de-force Dr Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE.

GANGSTA BABY was first performed at the Hope Theatre, London in January 2024.