Fulfil Me Fully, Phil and Others


Fulfil Me Fully, Phil
Playing With…

Three Plays by Sebastian Rex

Fulfil Me Fully, Phil - Suffering a minor existential crisis Phil creates man. From that moment on, Phil hasn't got a moment's peace. Husband wants a wife, Wife wants a baby, Captain wants to kill, Chairman wants money, Doctor wants to cure, Whores have a penchant for caviar and Russian men, Fatso wants to eat and Sister Father to worship; Mankind’s exhaustive demands are pretty hard to meet. Witty, surreal and eerily relevant, Fulfil Me Fully, Phil inverts the wants and needs of our very make-up, be it religion, reproduction, or excellent cake.

Playing With... - Two dark comedies, where playing games is the only way of communication. Living With... is a symbolistic play, telling the story of a man forced to move in with three hedonistic beings where the name of the game is sex, indulgence and alcohol - and torture is the only refuge. Toy Boy tells the story of Toby, an emotionless being whose sole purpose is to entertain those around him. The play deals with exploitation in relationships, leading to a climatic end.

$ellebrity - A sharp satire questioning the ownership of celebrity culture. A star is tied to a chair in the basement by a girl who rents him out to a friend as a way of making money. "hilarious and cheeky" (The Stage)

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