Fat Souls


by James Martin Charlton

Fat Souls won the International Playwriting Festival and was produced to great critical success at the Warehouse Theatre, Croydon in 1993.

Fat Souls tells the story of a social misfit and long-time jobseeker, Fat Mags, who finds dead-end employment doing routine dogsbody work in an office. In the workplace, she meets Lamb, a youth with a whole other way of looking at things, and his vision transforms her previously gloomy outlook on life.

“There is simply no mistaking a new voice in the theatre... Charlton’s is a quirky, assured creative voice, consistently theatrical.” - Jeremy Kingston, The Times.

“...this remarkable piece delivers a parable on the need to confront the world without a mask. The author certainly does so... He has created something funny, touching and quite unlike anything else on the scene.” - Irving Wardle, The Independent on Sunday.

“Fat Souls was one of the most innovative and original plays I can remember seeing in a long history of going to see new plays." - Michael Codron.